Will Robots replace my Job


In this blog i would like to tell you about my vision on working in the future.

a couple of years ago i stumbled on a Video called: “Humans need not apply”. this video explains how Automation will drastically change our lives. especially in the area of professions. in the end, the video explains that we are not ready massive automation. and that this will cost a huge amount of Jobs in the very near future.

This video has made me look for other ways of income than working  a 9 to 5 Job, making someone else his dreams come though. while not beeing sure that this Job is still relevant in the near future.

It made me look into affiliate marketing, and the digital (laptop)  lifestyle.my plan is to create as much passive income as possible.

Have you watched the Video, Humans need not Apply?

as a countermeasure I’ve joined a community of people who are building a lifestyle where multipe passive income streams are possible. i’ve started my journey by wachting some free training video’s on howto do this. if you are interested i’ve added a link below where you can access the video’s

create a passive income – free online video’s